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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Montreal has been nominated World Book Capital 2005

From the web site announcing the upcoming activities: "For example, the holding of an International Publishing Forum, the development of a literary tour of Montreal and on the St. Lawrence river, exhibitions, contests, activities for your people in bookstores and libraries of Montreal and all over Quebec, the creation of a bilingual web site for the promotion of the event and many other activities intended to promote books."
Sounds exciting doesn't it? Ooh a bilingual web site... I'm all a-tingle!

The selection Committee of the World Book Capital 2005 met on 16 February
2004 under the chairmanship of Mr Pere Vicens, President of IPA, in order to
examine the applications to the nomination of the World Book Capital 2005.
The selection Committee examined the following candidatures: Barcelona (Spain), Montreal (Canada) and Turin (Italy) While rejoicing in the improvement of the general quality of the candidatures received this year, the Committee decided to nominate the city of Montreal as World Book Capital 2005 because of the excellence of the programme submitted creating a strong synergy among all sectors of book industry and including a number of aspects of book promotion and reading.


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