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Friday, May 20, 2005

eMaIL sPaM pOeTrY

Note well how arty I am by intermixing the capital and lower case forms of letters in this title. For I am a poet, albeit, quite unpublished. Here is my first [and last] spam email poem for you to read. It's not a concrete poem, and it's not very long - only four lines - and should only take three or four seconds to read. It's not really a sound poem and there is no hidden symbolism. It's not meant to be read aloud either. So internalize it without moving your lips. Don't think about it after you read it either. It's not that good. Also note, I did not actually write this myself. But it came to me today and I am co-opting it as my poem since the original 'author' probably would not mind me doing so and probably would never find out. So don't tell. Okay? Here it is:

your reply to this confirmation message is not needed
This shareware is a 02 minute trial file
NOTES: The contents of this information is for attention and should not be
concocter calvin downhill crises excel

If you want some better examples (not written by me) click here:


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