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Saturday, June 04, 2005

saturday notes and pics

Awesome start to the day today. I went to Charles de Lint's book and yard sale early this morning. What spectacular weather! He and his wife had tons of stuff for sale. I was interested only in the books, of which there were boxes and boxes. They lined the entire driveway as did the people picking through them. Most books, of course, were science fiction and fantasy. I took home four books for a paltry $25.

What a deal! Three books by Thomas Harris: Black Sunday (1975) BCE, though; Red Dragon, 1st ed., but price clipped; and Harris' most famous novel to date, The Silence of the Lambs, 1st US ed. 1st printing. Sweet! This novel came with a letter from Judy Brunsek, Publicity Director of M&S Publishers, addressed to Mr. Burt Heward of the Ottawa Citizen stating that, "We anticipate that this book will be a certain bestseller. Enlosed is an advance review copy of the book. It's scheduled publication date is September 3 [1988]." Wouldn't it be wonderful if they were signed? Needless to say I was excited to get the books for what I paid. I also picked up the first ed. of John Irving's A Widow for One Year.

I eventually picked up Jules up from her hair appointment downtown and we went straight to the open house at the new CBC complex. Today was the official grand opening. We waited nearly an hour in line just to get the 15 minute tour. But it was well worth it. I have never seen so many TVs in one place, outside of a department store. The highlight, to be sure, was that I got to meet the amazingly beautiful Shelagh Rogers. She is an absolute sweetheart of a woman. *gush* Also got to meet the eloquently funny, Rob Clipperton, too. After the tour, we caught some live bands on Sparks Street Mall, hosted by CBC's Amanda Putz. Acts included THE JOHN HENRYS, DIANE WHITE, TONY D., and ANDREW VINCENT & THE PIRATES. We also listened to Wayne Rostad, the crooning CBC guy. What a fun afternoon in Ottawa.

Just as a F.Y.I.: Venue:Nicholas Hoare, 45 Front Street East Date:Wednesday, June 8th Time:5:30 P.M. Mike Grandmaison and Shelagh Rogers will be signing copies of their new book, a superb coast-to-coast photographic portrait of Canada.

Here's Amanda Putz, of CBC's Bandwidth / D.N.T.O. having way too much fun on stage in an introductory interview with Andrew Vincent and the Pirates. Amanda's smile is just so infectious.

Wayne Rostad, of On The Road Again, was performing on the opposite stage. The man is truly an icon of CBC radio and TV.
Mr. Rostad is a multi-talented individual. His talents are not limited only to singing, playing guitar, telling jokes and impromptu ditties; he's also an ambidextrous pointer. Click on CBC's O.T.R.A. link above and see him pointing, albeit in a non-definitive way. He's a great guy. If I had only had half of this man's energy I would consider myself very lucky.


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