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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Pickover Effect

Clifford A. Pickover has this website that has legions of faithful readers. One particular page he has created is the popular RealityCarnival.Com which is re-directed to Basically, it's a mish-mash of hyperlinks to web pages that run the gamut to all that is wacky and insightful about the Internet. The linked pages all are provided with some text for each day's link.

When he linked to one of my photos on 6 November 2007 it drew many hundreds of hits to my website. He wrote of the photo of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, "We will never know the woman's intent nor her inner hopes, desires, and fears. She is an enigma, frozen at the edge of time." This week (see his entry for 7 December 2007) he linked to another photo on my site, Ditch Digging, and the hits to my site rolled in again! So, I just thought I might pass on the link to the reality carnival to my readers in case you are interested getting your daily fix. And if you're here from Pickover's site, welcome.


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