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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ottawa Headshot - Dr. Brian MacDonald

Dr. Brian, who I am not related to, emailed me last week and requested a professional portrait for his speaking engagements, and his online profile. As a clinical psychologist, he co-hosts an on-line podcast with Dr. Giuseppe Spezzano called Family Anatomy.

I was able to schedule his request quickly and provided the selected photos the next day. Again, with immediate feedback by showing the client photos as we shot, we were able to come up with an appropriate change of wardrobe and desired pose. This particular photo was taken with my 85mm lens but I also took some with my 105mm macro for a tighter crop. The 105 is increasingly becoming a go to lens for headshots. It's a great alternative to the amazing 85.
Dr. Brian MacDonald
Ottawa Headshot - Dr. Brian MacDonald


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