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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Kind Words to Share

I got up earlier than usual this morning to find an unexpected e-mail in response to my bio. The e-mail was so nice I thought I would share it with you. Initially I was taken aback with the change 'o life comments I almost considered the e-mail spam. [hehehe] I immediately e-mailed a response and asked for permission to reprint it here with my reply as you will read below.

Similarly, I found it touching that another person, Julie Johnston, recently found a blog entry below regarding her parents. Confounded by this post, she looked at my bio to find a link as to why there was this post. Finding out that I worked with Grant she e-mailed me and I was glad to pass on some words to her. My former co-worker Grant and his wife, Elizabeth perished in a car accident last month just west of Ottawa. See below: "Crash kills 'warm and loving' couple" (Thursday, March 11, 2004)

Just a quick note John,
It was 5:30am this morning, Sunday April 18th and a menopausal hot flash
had woken me up. I had to get out of bed to cool off so decided to
check my email. My 22 year old daughter in Vancouver (who is coming
back home to Montreal for good in 2 weeks and to resume her Concordia
Commerce studies) had written me that she was going to teach her
boyfriend's mother to drive today. I thought to myself what a useful
side line teaching driving could be. So I went on Google to find out
what it takes to become a driving instructor in Quebec and somehow that
brought me to your bio. Your writing style was so engaging and amusing
that I ended up reading the whole thing. Interesting to see a life
unfolding. You have a lighthearted, flowing style and you sound
pleasant. So thank you for the interesting read. All the places you
described I have been to since I have lived in NDG and on the West
Island now and have children just a little younger than you who go to
Cheers etc... Ever consider writing? Good luck to you, John.

John W. MacDonald wrote:

Oddly enough I was up at the same time. My wife opened up the bedroom window before we retired last night. Mistake! The birds woke us up around 5:30am with their incessant chirping. Julie got up to close the window and we were afforded another hour or two of shut-eye. Then...Then I got up an read this e-mail. Cool! A response to my bio! Thanks for reading. It was fun writing it a few months ago. It never ceases to amaze me that "if you build it people will come" so to speak. I was inspired by the saying that an unexamined life is not worth living etc. etc..

NDG. (sigh) I've always said that the nicest people on earth are those who lived or live in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Thanks for your kind words. Do you mind if I publish your e-mail (sans your e-mail address) on my blog page? I would love to share your words.

Yes, the birds got to me too. Funny there's one that sounds just like a watch alarm...listen for it. No problem printing my email..rather strange with the hot flash reference mind you. ;-) You should seriously consider have a real talent.
All the best to you and Julie.