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Saturday, October 02, 2004

OIWF Day 4

Even though it is pretty early on in the going at the OWIF, I think Patrick Lane's reading was the most poignant thus far. I hesitate to add that this was probably one of the most important events at the festival. There Is a Season: A Memoir in a Garden is his latest and first work of prose in this extended form. He did a masterful job in reading from chapter 6 of his book. He defines poetry as 'words hidden under rocks'--a line which he captures so well in this very personal memoir. What else can a memoir be but personal. I even heard shades of Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through It as he read. Very touching. I was glad I attended.

Following this event, was Mel Hurtig's reading, ahem, announcement of his intentions to run for office against Canada's former Minister of Foreign Affairs, now Minister of National Defence, Bill Graham in the next Canadian election. Rushing to Armageddon: the Shocking Truth About Canada, Missile Defence, and Star Wars is Hurtig's "most important book published to date". From his reading it is more of a collection of evidence and quotes, Hurtig compels us to rise against the "madmen currently in office" who support a costly and ridiculous missle defence scheme as a means to protect North American-read US- soveriegnty. Should a missle be shot down early, for example, it may not reach its intended target, but land precipitously in another country...perish the thought. This book, though not my cup of tea as a mainly fiction reader, made me think about the larger picture. The reading was interesting nontheless.

I mentioned in my previous entry that the Write Accross Canada book would make a good bookmark. True. But I do read my bookmarks. I picked up a copy today and love it thoroughly. I did not buy Anderson's book by the way...


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