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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ottawa Writers Festival and other, better blog

For more thought out, well reasoned, and educated opinions on OWIF's spring edition of the festival may want to browse on over to Amanda Earl's (of I bow down in deference to her well chosen words, crafted sentences and paragraphs. Speaking of which, I don't know if anyone else is blogging this festival. Let me know if you are one such individual or know of one.

The weather this morning is not too condusive to the 2:00pm Poets and Parliament: A Literary Walking Tour with Steven Artelle. But as one of my McGill geography professors once proclaimed to our class prior to a field trip, "Remember: Geographers are hale, hearty, and healthy people." Perhaps this appropriate sentiment also applies to writers and readers touring Ottawa in the cool spring rain.

You may ask if I am going? Hell, no! I hated geography and the weather sucks! However, I will be out tonight in the warm, dry halls of the Library of Canada. That's just my opinion and should not negatively affect yours. Ta.


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