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Sunday, May 08, 2005

VE Day in Ottawa

Only two words were heard from throngs of people lining Elgin and Wellington Streets: Thank You! What a spectacle throughout the day today marking the 60th VE Day anniversary. The sun was shining down on everyone and it was a tremendous day to celebrate both VE Day and the official opening of the Canadian War Museum. During the ceremonies this morning I was fortunate to be in a key position on the Canadian War Memorial steps in the center of the action.
Prime Minister Paul Martin and wilfe, Sheila Martin, along with the leaders of the oppostion were in attendance. I was able to take many, many photographs--more than I am able to post here. However, I will post some of my favourites along with some details that I overheard from the vets themselves. More to come.

James Cudmore of the CBC interviews Captain Finestone of the 9th Armoured Regiment of the British Columbia Dragoons (the same lineage that his father served with in the Great War) who proudly shows his stripes. The one in particular he is pointing to indicates that he was wounded in battle (a rare stripe) which subsequently landed him in hospital for a lengthy recovery.


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