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Friday, August 05, 2005

Place Bell Books Closing

Yep, another independent bookstore is closing. They are currently holding a 30% off sale (End of Lease)...even the furniture is up for grabs. A few months back there was a lot of concern and talk of a popular Montreal bookstore closing, The Double Hook. Well, it's happening here in Ottawa. The old Brit, Mr. Hatfield, was interesting to chat with on my lunch breaks. He even lent me a book or two from his personal collection. He once told me recently that I was one of the only people from my place of work that visited his store... sad to say, eh? I went to visit the store on Saturday afternoon to wish him well and get some good deals. It took me 10 minutes of asking but I finally found out his age. The man has excellent genes. No, I won't divulge his age either. Happy retirement!


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