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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Archibald Lampman!

Dead Poets Live!
At Beechwood Cemetery, of course.

Mr. Lampman is 144 years old today, and we remembered him in a poetic and musical celebration as he rests at Beechwood this cold blustery evening in November. Congratulations to the Poet's Hill Committee (which is comprised of The Ottawa Literary Heritage Society, Beechwood Cemetery Foundation and the Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital) on hosting a fine evening. Thank you.

Steven Artelle, director of the Ottawa Literary Heritage Society with his wife, Margarita Garcia.

Gwendolyn Guth read one of Duncan Campbell Scott's sonnets, "For Remembrance", and "The Cave" by the late John Newlove.

[LtoR] Roger Boult (Beechwood Cemetery), Steven Artelle (Ottawa Literary Heritage Society), Daphne McCree (Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital), Mike Heenan, Vera Yuzyk (Beechwood Cemetery Foundation), Erwin Dreessen (Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital)


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