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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life on a Press Pass

Catchy title for a book on photojournalism, eh? Going out for a trip to the real country this afternoon - in Merrickville - to see Mr. Lynn Ball talk about his book, Life on a Press Pass co-authored with his brother, Doug. The talk was presented by the Heritage Merrickville Foundation and the Merrickville and District Historical Society. From the first few minutes of hearing him speak, it's very apparent that Lynn does not have a jaded bone in his body. His stories have an excitement about them that take you along for the ride and leave you wanting to read more. The photos speak for themselves, but the accompanying text adds another dimension that is often humorous and sometimes poignant. More photos in my gallery. Read brief intro to book as appears on

Lynn Ball exhibiting his "museum piece" 1950 Leica 111F film camera which he used to capture the departure of Pierre Trudeau's casket from Parliament Hill (page 152).

Lynn talks about his "$1,000 Blue Heron" photo (page 162). Serendipity in the mist lands Lynn a thousand dollar bonus from boss.


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