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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Invisible Cinema

Allegedly it's at 177 Lisgar Street. Or so I thought. This place sure lives up to its name I thought as I could not find it tonight. This particular address does not exist. I just took the address down and forgot to write down the name of the venue. Michael Dennis was to launch his new book tonight and I guess probably did.

[After a google search just now I came across David Scrimshaw's Blog where he writes a longish thoughtful post on Micheal's forthcoming reading. He correctly posts a map link to 319 Lisgar Street.]

Fuuuuuuuudge (ed. for mum). Especially since it took me a half-hour of tooling around to find a free parking space downtown. Busy night.

In any case on my way back to my car after a fruitless search and in a confused state I bumped in to the Big Beat on the street for a quick chat. I made my way home with a pit stop at Wendy's for an oreo cookie flurry for Julie, and a quick pop in to So. Keys Chapter's, where I picked up a copy of Aperture: Masters of Photography featuring Henri Cartier-Bresson. It was one of those photo books all wrapped up in plastic on the shelf. Feeling devious in the heat of the moment I ripped off the obscuring plastic to see what I was to (eventually) purchase. I sort of get why they put shrink wrap on books but I reeeeally don't get it. Oooooh don't remove the plastic off lest one gets an inkling of what's inside... I felt like I just ripped off the label of a matress that says under penalty of law don't you dare remove this label. Anyway, it was a great portfolio of his work and I took it home.

I also did not resist the urge while in line to pick up the new Feist CD, Open Season: remixes and collabs. Mistake - for me anyway. I really liked the catchy tune 'Mushaboom' since I first heard it last year at Canada Day celebration on Parliament Hill, but this particular CD is more like musha bomb. Incidentally, 'Mushaboom' appears four (4) freaking times in different remixes on this disc. One or two good tracks out of 15 is not my idea of money well spent. Anybody want it? Wouldn't mind trading it for her original CD. However, I did particularly like the remix of "One Evening [VV Mix]" which is perfectly mixed without straying too much from the original version. Well done and easy to listen to.

Julie and I got up real early this morning to be in the audience for the A-Channel morning show. That was a hoot. Kurt Stooooodly and his news buddy rode a suped-up lawn mower outside on the sidewalk on George Street. Got to eat a piece of a big mutha of a hamburger that was cooked on the bbq feature of the show. Snapped a few (illegal and immoral) pics of Stooooodly stuffing his maw full o'burger. Fun! Fun! My breath reaked of garlic all day. Sorry to those I spoke to. My breath was bad-ass garlicky for hours afterward.

Triple Olympic champion Mark Tewksbury was the featured guest on this morning's show. He was talking about his newly published book Inside Out: Straight Talk from a Gay Jock. Check out the rear cover for a prime beefcake author photo of a topless Tewk. In other news, Julie won the Da Vinci Code Game, much like Trivial Pursuit, in a random draw. Kind of neat but I read some of the questions, got bored and put it away. At the end of the taping everyone got a free copy of Bonnie Fuller's book The Joys of Much Too Much. Anyone else want this? I would rather have received a copy of Tewskbury's book. Unlike Oprah or Ellen Degeneres' show, unfortunately, no Segways given out as door prizes.

G'night all.

So here it is - just under two months after buying Feist's re-mix CD.... (sigh) I am happy to report that much of the album does grow on you (mostly in a good way)... in fact I am listening to it right now and have been on a regular basis. Here's my summary:

Track one: Instrumental is awesome
Track two: blissful
Track three: just like original, but better
Track four: some of the best 2 minutes and 44 seconds aurally spent
Track five: environmentally pleasing
Track six: too much hype, jarring
Track seven: ambivalently okay
Track eight: surprisingly great cover. kudos. this song belongs to Feist now.
Track nine: reminds me of a track to be used in a dramatic-comedy film. gush.
Track ten: cover. but done very well. became my favourite cut not written by Feist.
Track eleven: Mushaboom on Meth... Enough said.
Track twelve: superfluous
Track thirteen: if instrumentals aren't your thing, then this track will please.
Track fourteen: filler.
track fifteen: too much boom in Mushaboom. Redundant.


Blogger Amanda Earl said...

Alas the address is wrong (just google's 319 Lisgar), but it's just across the street from Venus Envy, a bright yellow door...didn't go either unfortunately, or you might have spotted us on the street...sounds like a serendipitous evening anyway...sigh.

Saturday, May 27, 2006 4:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the hell does serendipitous mean? Doesn't that mean "fly by night", "half chance", all that sort of thing.

I do apologize for the wrong address getting out there in public. I'm not much of a press agent for myself.

But I was sorry to find this on the web. Don't know John but have read some of what he's had to say and would have been tickled to meet him.

As for Amanda, well, she said such kind things after my last launch that I would have paid to have her there.

Such is life. It went well enough. People drank all the beer.

In the case of both of you, John and Amanda, I feel like I owe you a beer. Happy to oblige should either of you want to take me up on it.

Michael Dennis

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 10:51:00 PM  

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