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Friday, May 12, 2006

Library Poetry

Christopher Levenson, editor of Soundings (edited with Brian Cameron), a poetry anthology published in 2005 by Buschek Books.

On Thursday May 11th, Christopher hosted 'The Poetry Experience' evening with Sharon Hawkins and Stephen Brockwell at the Ottawa Public Library, Sunnyside branch. There was about fifteen members in the audience - quite sizeable given the warm evening weather and Sens game. Oh gosh, I mentioned the Sens... forgive me. They won by the way.

Sharon read some of her older works as she currently has taken a brief break from writing. Nothing wrong with that, Sharon. I noted that the work she read from flowed much like a narrative than verse. It was moving.

It was the first time I have heard Stephen read from his first book of poetry. I think it was released in 1988. Very smart stuff. As always, Stephen projects a sense of confidence in his work and in his presentation that satisfies on several levels. I don't know how he does it on such little sleep due to the demands of his full-time career and family.

Christopher noted that the next poetry reading at the library will be on the 25th, 7pm but David O'Meara will not be in attendance, but Peter Richardson will be one of the featured poets instead, along with Barbara Myers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus Christopher Levenson will be at the Dusty Owl on the 21st.

Friday, May 12, 2006 5:43:00 PM  

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