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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Morley Callaghan addendum

(File under bibliography)
Just picked up another previously unrecorded magazine article by Morley Callaghan, at least to my knowledge.

B215a "Backstage with Canada's War" Coronet [Chicago], July, 1941; VOL. 10, NO. 3; WHOLE NO. 57 Publisher: DAVID A. SMART. Editors: ARNOLD GINGRICH, BERNARD GEIS, pp. 113-116.

...and I can't help quoting Ottawa's John Metcalf, "Surely people don't read Morley Callaghan, do they? For pleasure?"

I laughed out loud when I recently read this wry gem of a Metcalfian observation. (ABCMA Vol 5.) Although I realize that I am probably the only one of a few who actually finds this quote funny, please just ignore my sense of humour.

On the cover of this issue of Coronet is 21 year-old actress Juanita Stark. The magazine also contains an early short story by Frederic Brown, Star-Spangled Night. The editorial note at the end of his story reads "Fredric Brown is a proofreader by profession."


Blogger Amanda Earl said...

i didn't read mc for pleasure, so i know just what metcalf is talking about. more joy in heaven was something they made us read in school. i have never been more bored in all my days. it almost put me off canadian literature for good. i think we also read it at the same time as jack london's call of the wild...which i also hated. it wasn't until margaret lawrence, margaret atwood and roberston davies that i even wanted to pick up a book marked canadian again. glad i did. i thought the mag cover was wanda ;)

Friday, July 28, 2006 9:53:00 AM  

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