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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Got some more photos from today's Canada Day 2006 events on the Hill and also from the fantastic parking lot party on Albert and Elgin Streets. Hope you don't mind if I post some here. The 'whoops' title of this post has, of course, more than one meaning. I...uh...unwittingly got a wardrobe malfunction photo series in action, and also the fact that I missed photographing Michel Pagliaro tonight. What would you rather see? Anyhow, most of the photos will appear in my Canada Day gallery.

The parking lot party was just so awesome I couldn't leave to get back to Pariliament Hill. The good time had today reinforces the fact that if the Dusty Owl Reading Series gang is somehow involved in organizing an event like the party in the parking lot, it's a sure thing. Trust me on this. I did, however, make my exit around 8:45pm after a little rain started to come down and decided to beat the traffic which was bound to be heavy. Made a pit stop at the Golden Turtle on Booth for some #3s take out (yum) and decided to watch the fireworks on tv.

You just got to have your cutie shot if you're taking photos on Canada Day. So here is my entry in this category.

Although this freakish photo looks like one person, the massager (Bode Spa) is at the customer's head.


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