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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love Your Photo

FAQ 1:"Hello, Mr. John. W. MacDonald. I love your photo of ___________. I would like permission to use it for __________ publication / display / calendar, etc.. Is this possible? Of course, I would give you credit. Thanks!"

Wow, thank you. I am flattered. And more importantly, thank you for asking permission. So many people may think that it's okay to cut and paste and use it at their discretion. Mostly this is unintentional. Thankfully so.

Providing credit to is great. However, I consider myself a 'freelance photographer' and I derive my sole income as such. That said, providing photo credit is a good first start. Just because the photos on my site are freely visible to the public does not mean that the content is free for the taking.

If you represent a business, a for-profit organization, an educational institution, bookstore, receive government, advertising, and or grant funding, then I can quote my rates depending on your needs. The ideal situation is that you (the interested buyer) offers an amount initially and we (quickly) negotiate from there. To me, starting off the request with, "We have no budget for your photography but will give you credit" is not a great opening line. I don't expect to work for free and would not expect the same of you. Potential offer of "promise of future work" is also poor form, in my humble opinion, especially when simultaneously requesting free photos.

Usually the goods are delivered the same day the request is received, and I can work to a tight deadline. I provide (printed/electronic PDF) invoice(s) for your use. Chances are if we cannot ultimately negotiate a deal I will have to, unfortunately, decline your request.

Normally, I put a (copyright watermark on my published, online photos. This can be removed for your purpose if you require light box comps. Additionally, a higher resolution 300 dpi photo can be provided for your print needs. Just ask!
In most cases, photo will be delivered before payment is made. It's just a good, old-fashioned and efficient way to do business.
I hope this clarifies your question. Thank you again for stopping by. I would love to do business with you and provide photographic imagery that exceeds your needs.

I love to take high-quality (photo-journalistic/candid-style) event photos, and with your patronage I can do more of what I love to do. Contact me at john @ for details or call 613-282-1568.

FAQ 2:"I love your style. Do you shoot weddings?"

Yes. Even though I do event and portrait photography, 'wedding photography' demands an intense and intimate communication with the client with specific shot requirements and usually on multiple locations. There are usually many photographers in your area who just do wedding photography. That's-all-they-do. They are usually very good at what they do. That's why they earn the big bucks. Looking for a selection of great wedding photographers? I suggest start looking here: or just contact me and we'll discuss your requirements.

FAQ 3:
"I don't care that you're not a 'wedding photographer'. Would you at least shoot my engagement photos?

I certainly can. The flat-rate fee is $500 CDN for a two to three hour session in the greater Ottawa area. It would be a very informal and fun affair done in a classic, creative photo-journalistic style. Wedding rates start at $2000.00 CDN. Contact me to discuss your requirements and dream day.

FAQ 4:
"You photos are amazing! You must have people calling you for work all-the-time! Who are some of your clients?

Thanks. There is always time for more work! Here are some selected clients and publications:

A+U Publishing Co.
Amnesty International Canada
National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE)
ASICS America Corporation
The Globe and Mail
Grass Roots Press
Rufus Books
Urbann Lecturne
Accenture Inc.
L'actualite magazine
Maisonneuve magazine
Sabian Ltd.
Carleton University
University of Regina
Edmonton Journal
Ottawa International Writers Festival
Pearson Education Canada
The Onion
Palimpsest Press
Salt Spring Theatre Alive Society
Sierra Youth Coalition
Children's Aid Society - Ottawa
Rotman School of Management -University of Toronto
Award magazine - Canada Wide Media
Canada Army Run
Halcrow Yolles
Maclean's Magazine
Locus Magazine - Oakland, CA - New York City
Yoga + Joyful Living magazine
VIA destinations magazine (Les Éditions Gesca)
University of Alberta in partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
ArtVoice (Buffalo, NY) magazine
CanWest News (Asian Heritage Month site)
Ottawa Citizen newspaper
New Yorker Magazine
Pearson Education-Longman Publishers
Quill & Quire Magazine
Canadian Business Magazine
ECW Press
Chaudiere Books
National Capital Commission - NCC
Nightwood Editions - Harbour Publishing
Broken Jaw Press
Brick Books
Signature Editions
Arsenal Pulp Press
McGilligan Books
Investors Group
Pooka Press
The Buzz, P.E.I's Arts & Entertainment newspaper
Ottawa Magazine
DCI Studios (greeting card)
Various authors & artists
Insert your name here!

Call 1-613-282-1568. Based in Ottawa, Ontario. Travel is welcome.

FAQ 5:
Do you offer hair and make-up services for a portrait session?

Not as a matter of course. But I do have several recommendations. You may hire someone yourself, or I could hire someone on your behalf. Please note, the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

FAQ 6:
Do you sell prints of your photographs?

Yes, I do. Thanks for asking!

À La Carte Price List for Prints:

I have put together a selection of print costs for your information. Please specify which photo you are interested in. These prints are for your personal, non-commercial use only. Copyright remains with the photographer.

Print Size $CDN (each)
4x6" = $20.00
5x7" = $20.00
8x10" - 8.5x11-12" = $40.00
11x14" = $60.00
12x18" - 13x19" = $75.00
16x20" = $175.00
20x24" = $195.00
24x36" = $295.00

Most times I can quote a custom size to fit your framing requirements.

All prints are made on quality photographic paper. Please add $6.00 for s&h. Prints larger than 8.5x11" can be shipped in a tube to avoid any damage to the photo(s) in transit.

Please note that some photos may need to be cropped to fit certain size formats. I also can make photo calendars, greeting cards, and more. Please inquire for details.

There are several options for payment: I take online, secure payments via, and also accept cash or cheque. Let me know how you intend to proceed. Thanks again for your interest and support!

Kind regards,

John W. MacDonald


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello John!
I was surprised to see myself on your blog.
I'm Isabelle...the NCC tour guide on Parliament Hill.

Thank you for the beautiful picture.
Keep up the good work!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008 11:46:00 PM  
Blogger John MacDonald said...

Glad to have met you, Isabelle. Hope all is well with you and your new career!

Thursday, April 10, 2008 7:00:00 AM  

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