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Friday, March 09, 2007

Global Erickson Interest

I am pleased and surprised in the overwhelming interest of my weblog post earlier this week on the subject of architect Arthur Erickson and Masud Taj. I not only have had local Canadian viewers of this post, but hits have been registered from all over the USA, Egypt, India, Australia, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan and Morocco to name but a few countries. I have not received hits like this on my weblog since since bandying my photos of celebrities like Alan Rickman, Brigitte Bardot, Bill Clinton and Lance Armstrong. Now, if I could just get paid for my photography, that would be aces.

Nevertheless, so strong is my urge to shamelessly pander to my audience, and out of respect to the global outreach, I shall post a few more new pics to sate your architectual lust. ;-)

Arthur Erickson acknowledges the audience's applause after his introduction.

H. Masud Taj in a pensive moment during Erickson's introduction, prior to his conversation with the architect.


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