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Saturday, September 29, 2007

John Metcalf, C.M.

John Metcalf, C.M., originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald.

Author John Metcalf launched his latest memoir "Shut Up He Explained" at the Manx Pub in Ottawa, Saturday 29 September 2007. The book is published by Dan Wells' Biblioasis. Don't you love the way that last sentence reads, "launched his book"? Sounds like he went outside and threw it against the brick wall. Anyhow...

As Metcalf already had a rather nice portrait taken by the Ottawa Citizen staff photog, Bruno Schlumberger, in last week's paper I could not compete with just a simple head shot of the author. So, here's my interpretation of an author engaged with one of his readers. The eyes say it all I think.


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