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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Step Into Stories

Yesterday and today, as part of the Step Into Stories, Ottawa's Festival for Young Readers, I had the pleasure to introduce three awesome children's authors: JC Sulzenko (Boot Crazy), Kenneth Oppel (Dark Wing), and Jacob Berkowitz (Jurassic Poop). Having brought my own son to the Ottawa launch for Boot Crazy I knew the older kids attending her reading were in for a treat. They were not disappointed! JC has a special rapport with the children that takes a special talent I wish I could tap into. It was great to see her in action in front of an audience.

After JC's reading I was off to Hopewell School to host the afternoon event for Keneth Oppel. 'Rock star' was a phrase that was often bandied about in discussion afterwards. He wowed the over 400 screaming kids in their school's huge gymnasium. This was a very large and exciting event for all. The teachers ensured everything ran rather smoothly and big thanks go to them. Nice to see him answer so many questions from a very inquisitive young crowd.

And as of this morning, I have just returned from Jacob Berkowitz's fantastic and informative poop presentation. His delightful reading garnered the participation of all the students as they all became honorary poop detectives. They were taught to use clues to discover the mystery of 'who dung it'. Berkowitz gave a lively performance as he played the role of "Chief Bottom, Dung Detective" in the 5th Ave. Court of Kaleidoscope Kids' Books. (Fantastic bookstore by the way, run by three very enthusiastic and charming ladies Karin, Kim and Kelly.) Berkowitz's study of fossil feces completely enthralled a class of gifted students from Mutchmore Public School, and I would highly suggest to any teacher that they book him for your very own class or school event.


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