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Monday, March 03, 2008

The Buzz in PEI

A big thank you to Peter Richards, Managing Editor of The Buzz, Prince Edward Island's Arts & Entertainment Newspaper. They licensed my photograph of Erin Knight in February's edition. It was used to advertise her appearance as part of the Winter’s Tales Reading Series at The University of Prince Edward Island. The reading which was held on 25 February 2008 also featured Nova Scotian writer Leo McKay Jr..
Erin Knight
Poet Erin Knight
© johnwmacdonald

Turns out this is my 1000th post on blogger. Wow. This figure is approximate since some posts were deleted or self-censored way back when.

Anyway, the point of *this* post is that my photos are for sale and/or licensing options are available. Yes, I receive plenty of requests for freebies and I have to turn them down. Ever since my previous employment was terminated waaay back in 2006, I have been relying on my photography as a source of income (paltry as it currently is). So, please keep in mind my most frequently asked question as seen here and my answer to that question.

A HUGE thank you for all your support in the past, present and future!


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