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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Throwdown In O-Town

rob mclennan vs Nathaniel G. Moore

Here are the facts: rob calls out Nathaniel at the start of the event with some cutting remarks about his reproductive organs. In Nathaniel's opening comments he talks about himself and how he is the underdog in his "miserable city" and earns every spot that he got in his literary career (whatever that means), as he declaims that he "was born insecure and I live it every day."

Nathaniel maliciously taunts and jabs rob which escalates with a beer shot to the face. After a brief scuffle rob pummels Nathaneil with a frying pan and hurls Moore off the stage onto a table. Moore, feeling slighted, takes Spencer Gordon to beat town with a folding chair. rob comes to the rescue and then whoops Moore and flashes the classic rock 'devil hands' to the awestuck crowd. Victory is his! Moore is relegated to the bathroom to lick his bloody wounds as mclennan savours his "win".


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