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Monday, July 07, 2008

Bike Polo

Bike Polo, originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald.

It's a quiet game. Don't know why I originally thought it would be a loud, vicious game. As a spectator you hear the gentle hum of rubber on asphalt, the sound of eight bicycle chains grinding, the almost silent swish of the homemade ABS pipe polo mallets converted mostly from old ski poles as they scratch the court, and the occasional yell of either profanity or cheers in the elation of a goal scored.

It's a co-ed game as well. Ottawa bike courier, book editor, and friend Jennifer Books was out on Sunday playing with the boys. She dishes it out as hard as the next guy, too, let me tell you. She takes no shit from anyone as long as you play hard and fair on the court. Shown in this is photo is Patrice going for the ball at the start of the game. Will post more pics over time I hope. I hear there is an annual tounament the first weekend of August.


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