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Monday, October 27, 2008

Neil Wilson, Joseph Boyden & Fan

I particularly like this photo or rather the context in which it was taken. It shows Ottawa International Writers Festival director, Neil Wilson (center) flanked by author Joseph Boyden signing a book for a fan after the reading. I say context because the look on Wilson's face says alot of this moment.

Seconds after the reading finishes and applause dies down throngs of well-wishers crowd the stage attempting to get their personal moment with the author and to get their books signed. It's Wilson's role to try to intercede (for lack of a better word) and escort the guest to a waiting table outside the venue for a formal book signing. Most times it's too late and people unwittingly pen the author in and he politely signs as many books in the interim.

Wilson, at this point, uses his discretion and patiently waits to cue the author to step outside to be greeted by the other hundeds of equally eager guests. It's potentially an awkward moment but Wilson deftly does this dance with aplomb as all he can do is wait. This is that moment.


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