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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Maple Tree Literary Supplement

As the (honorary) photo editor of the online magazine, Maple Tree Literary Supplement, I have submitted photos from previous reading events that appear in the Festival of Life Section for the first two issues. Feel free to contribute your photos. As it states on the website, "We can't be everywhere at once! If you have images of a recent literary event, and would like them featured here, please upload them in our Submissions section." Issue #3 Deadline is March 15th, 2009.

The magazine's editor and founder Amatoritsero Ede made some interesting notes about me in the bio blurb which reads:

"John W. MacDonald is the unofficial photographer of Ottawa’s literary scene. Although not a writer like Carl Van Vechten, he is still to Ottawa what the former was to the Harlem Renaissance in terms of visual arts. His lenses are indispensable to the archiving of Ottawa’s unfolding scribal history. "

I thought that was neat, at least the phrase "unfolding scribal history" was pretty cool. Kind of rolls off the tongue, huh? And, oh yes, I also had to wiki search Carl Van Vechten. He seemed a likeable chap, too.


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