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Monday, April 06, 2009

Print Sale - Tools!

So, I finally finished my basement. Half of it anyway. I started the renovation last summer in anticipation of the twins and I am now just putting the final touch-ups to a few spots here and there. To help finance this badly needed renovation (and to be able to buy more baby diapers) I am having a special print sale.

Up for offer is a complete set (a dozen individual photos + one composite photo) of 13"x19" photographs of each tool which I used to complete the basement renovation. Some tools I used include a hammer, vise, combination square, nails, and pliers, etc. etc.

What you are getting is a signed, one-time only, ultra-ultra-limited numbered edition (in this 13"x19" size) of one of two (2) editions. One set will be mine, one will be yours, should you purchase it. All the photos in the series can be seen on my Tool set. Pictured below is the photo composite of the dozen tools in this series. This comp print is also in a limited and numbered edition of ten (10) in the 13"x19" size.
Tools Comp

N.B. Just to be clear, the actual tools are *not* for sale -- just the photos of the tools... I can take cash, personal cheque, electronic bank transfer, or Easy!

To sum up: If you wish to purchase the whole limited edition of 12 individual photos plus one comp photo, the total cost (including shipping) will be a low $500.00 CDN. The limited edition of 10 numbered photos are priced at $100.00 CDN each. Please get in touch with me to make and confirm your purchase. john (@) FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! The 13"x19" is the size of the paper, and not neccessarily the size of the image on the print itself. Prints are done on 5 Star Ultra Premium Presentation Paper - Matte. No frames, nor mats are included in this price. Just the prints.

Should you wish to aquire an individual print in an alternate size, please see my FAQ for pricing info. Questions, comments? Let me know. Thanks for your support!


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