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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Final 100 Meters - Peter

For some, the end of the marathon is a cruel, painful finish. Pride takes over and some would rather walk, or even crawl, over the finish line.

As I was photographing the Ottawa Marathon runners cross the finish line after a grueling 40K run, I noticed a man on his hands and knees about a hundred meters from the finish. He was struggling. He went down. He made several attempts to get to his feet but just could not muster enough energy to do so.

There was just enough power left in him to cross the first timing mat on his hands and knees. After this he was propped up by medical volunteers who were on hand to help. Here are three photos of Peter in the final 100 meters.
The Final 100 Meters - Peter
Ignoring the obvious fatigue the runner, on his hands and knees, struggles to get to his feet. He faulters during several attempts to rise opting to stay low to the ground to cross the first timing mat.

The Final 100 Meters - Peter
Resisting help initially the gentleman is assisted by a couple of aid workers to cross the finish line in the final meters of the race.

The Final 100 Meters - Peter
At the end of the line, the body gives out and Peter collapses from sheer exhaustion. The day is over this marathon runner.


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