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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camera Man

Alastair Larwill sent me this off-the-cuff poem the other day. Very nice of him. I must surmise that it's inspired by the jwcurry's birthday bowling evening from last week, and two words that lil' Matthew's been saying recently: Action Power! Matt, incidentally, turns four at the end of this month.  Here, I believe, Alistair references my super bowling ability to hurl the ball down the lane, practically without touching the floor...oops. And I was wearing my über-cool blue Hawaiian (bowling) shirt that night.  Also in the poem, there's a stanza referring to a photo I captured of the alleged bag thief à la movie Blow Up. Can you believe it? Some dude, in the cover of darkness and crazy lights of the bowling alley, has the stones to sit among us and steal a brief case. Wow.

Camera man

Poetic cyclops
Lobs rocks
At those that
Stand still
With a back spin
To kick them up

Flashing lights
Disco music
And a festive
Tropical shirt
Fires cannonballs

With apples
French toast
And hope

Catches the thief
Before the roll
Is revealed
The bag lies

Each moment
Caught in time
Of the celebration
Of the big Five-O
This is no Saturday



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