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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tearsheet - Children's Aid Society

Where does the time go? Lately as you see from my recent blog posts, I am just getting around to showing some recent photo-related work of which I am really proud. From July to September 2010 I shot about twenty portraits for a great client, The Children's Aid Society (CAS) of Ottawa.

It was my second year working with them to provide some photographs for their use. This time around they had created a I am your Children's Aid campaign that involved my photography for print media, their annual report, a calendar, and online banners (shown below). All the the subjects depicted were involved with the CAS on some level - from staff to volunteers to parents.

Their goal was to show the inclusiveness of our population, choosing from members of the GLBT, aboriginal, and multi-faith communities. Quite a huge and diverse population. Primarily, my shooting location was out of their head office in Gloucester. I also got to shoot at other locations for some subjects - either in a personal residence or another office location. To that end I had to keep the lighting gear to a minimum and make the setups very efficient. Lugging 75 pounds of several sandbags up a flight or two of stairs wasn't the most fun thing to do in the dog days of August. Since safety is key on location, sandbags go on all light and background stands.

My task was to light them all similarly against multiple coloured backgrounds. I used my 85mmm set to f/5.6, as some of the photos had two people in them, and lit them with one softbox with my SB-800 and another snooted flash to light the background. Keep it simple and dramatic. Composition and exposure had to be similar to achieve consistent results no matter the location and ambient lighting.

What also helped the process of shooting was having a laptop to immediately show the client and subject the photos in real time. This really sped up the selection process. Model releases where then signed and the process started over again. Like all corporate/client-related work it was important to get the shots right from from the get go without much time warming up with the talent. However, being such a fun and personable guy to be around there was absolutely no issues in that department.
Hehehe ;-)

Here are a select group of photos they used online:
I am Your Children's Aid - banners


Anonymous Jean Labelle said...

Wonderful work John and a very worthwhile cause!

Monday, January 24, 2011 1:05:00 PM  

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