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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Bywords, Bywords, Bywords!

Here is a shameless plug for a superb little journal that I buy everytime I see it in the magazine store where I shop!
From their web site:

"Bywords publishes on a monthly basis poems on the web, a Calendar of Literary Events, and the Bywords Quarterly Journal. Its aims are to publish emerging and established poets who reside, study or work in Ottawa. Bywords will reflect Ottawa's rich multicultural diversity.

Bywords was founded in the Fall of 1990 by a group of editors, staff, students, and alumni of the University of Ottawa. The group was brought together by Heather Ferguson of Agawa Press, Seymour Mayne of the Department of English, and Gwen Guth, a doctoral graduate in the Department.

The team is a dedicated group of motivated volunteers who would like to make Bywords a strong literary force in Ottawa. Our goal is to turn into the focal point for Ottawa poetry, literary information, and events.

The editors of Bywords welcome all submissions. No one approach or group of writers is given preference. Instead, Bywords is open to all practitioners of the genre and attempts to reflect the diversity of practice in the Ottawa area."

...Did I mention they added a link to my web log on their page too? That's just darn nice of them. I must submit some of my post-post-modernist poetry some day to enlighten the Ottawa poetry reading public. I guess I better re-think this idea. Hmmmm... Poetry.


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