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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

OIWF Day 7

Now I know why Ian Rankin's event was sold out. You would too if you showed up. Funny, affable, and a tad devious. I admit, not being a crime fiction reader as my mother is, I have not read one of his books. But you can't miss anyone reading one of his novels riding on public transportation, in libraries, or on lunch-hours. Something akin to rice: 1 billion Chinamen can't be wrong. Rankin's a major player in crime fiction and from seeing him on stage explaining his craft I understand people's admiration of his work.

The last event of the evening was also a treat. I could go on gushing...but won't. I just had to at least say something of Richard B. Wright's writing. This man is talent personified. Every word, every sentence, every paragraph and page are essential and so well articulated and formed. You cannot get lost even if you tried. His latest novel, Adultery, a vastly different story to that of his award winning Clara Callan, is a simple story with real characters of a private affair gone awry. The economy of the act central to the story is done matter of fact and the story moves on. I want to read more.


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