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Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Writing Life #4

Saturday night at the OWIF ended as it began: with excellent writers and conversation. Even Patrick Crean, editor to the stars, was spotted in the audience checking out the session hosted by Sean Wilson. Joining Crean at the table was also Thomas Allen & Son publisher's sales rep, Marilyn Cutler, ensuring her authors, Charlotte Gill (and also David Gilmour), were taken care of during their stay in Ottawa.

Charlotte Gill, Tess Fragoulis, and Andrew Pyper all read from their latest novels. The very positive book review of The Wildfire Season that appeared in Saturday's Globe & Mail certainly did not hurt Pyper's cause. And that about does it for my comments on this festival. Time to relax and Brodart the dust jackets, so to speak. (My, that sounds naughty.)

Speaking of Patrick Crean... was he separated at birth from author Paul Quarrington? Or is it just me that thinks there are some similarities? Check out these photos (Crean, Quarrington) and see for yourself. Yeah, like you've got nothing better to do with your time.


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