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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Portrait of an Apple as a Young Bloom

Potential apple blossoms wait to get pollinated today. (I could not resist the James Joyce pun either. I thought it was funny anyway.)

I don't bother spraying our apple tree with any chemicals. The apples are way too small to eat, but we are blessed with a nice show of delicate pink blossoms every spring around this time.

The sun is shining brightly today and I am wondering whether to go down to see John Ralston Saul discuss his book about the 'Reinvention of the World'. It would be a potential chance to see the Queen of Canada (his spouse) and perhaps Alan (Harry Potter guy) Rickman. The Ottawa Citizen deems him important enough to put him as front page news today declaring to Canadians that we "are lucky to have Clarkson". Mr. Rickman is in town today at our GG's request. Nice to have friends, eh?


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