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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Wheatza night in Greely!

This afternoon Jules and I were at the Tulip Festival - again - this time to get a sausage and some tulip fudge. Well, it was plain ol' maple fudge. Kind of expensive at $5; tulip festival prices I must say. What suckers we are for meals on wheels at public gatherings. It was overcast and rainy so we did not stay long. No pics were taken either. I did talk to someone taking photos with his D70 and 300mm Nikkor (non-macro). Sort of a longish lens for tulips I thought.

For dinner I made my diet version of pizza. I call it wheatza as there is there one special diet ingredient, wheat flour. I love my bread machine. We bought it just after Christmas at huge savings. It also came with a free electric knife. Just like mom had 30 years ago. How could I say no to that sweet deal. I only cut my thumb once with it so far (the other day). Bread! Man, that thing could butcher a cow! Anyway, it makes all kinds of bread, dough, and various desserts, too. Got to experiment with the apple crumble some day.

Because I want to lose some lbs before my high school reunion I subsituted white flour for 100% whole wheat, hence, the name wheatza. With some leftover pineapple bits thrown in for good measure, three slices of sandwich ham, pepperonies (bad but good) and lotsa' cheese, it tasted great. There's even more wheatza for breakie tomorrow. I hope to get up earlier than Jules before the Mmmrmrmrmrrm...Bing! goes the microwave.


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