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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Latest Entries to OED

Got this idea for my post from the h2oboro lib blog who got it from ResourceShelf. Some of the most recent entries in the Oxford English Dictionary are, well, interesting. Waterboro blogger chose different words for their post. Here are the words that particulary struck me for some reason or another:

arsey, a.
ankle-biter, n.
Borgesian, a.
buttlegger, n.
dickwad, n.
dipshit, n. and a.
foo fighter, n.
ka-ching, v.
wussy, n. and a.

You would think that with the abovementioned words, sha-wing is just around the corner for inclusion. Think so? Let me know your favourite (favorite for my dear American friends) words that are currently in the dictionary -- or you think that should be in there. If this dictionary purports to represent the Queen's English, do you think she will use these 'new' words in her next throne speech? What the hell's a buttlegger?!


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