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Friday, November 18, 2005

Talented Tongues In Your Ear

You know you're at a special event when the venue reaches...and surpasses the maximum seating (fire) capacity. They were practically turning away the featured readers who happened to show up late. Yes, it's a trite remark to say that 'sex sells' and it certainly sells tickets in Ottawa on a cool November night. Yes, erotica ruled the night at Venus Envy's spacious new location Friday evening. Ritallin and a bevy of other talented writers: Suki Lee (Ottawa launch of With A Rough Tongue in which she has a short story), Sylvie Hill, Nichole McGill, Amanda Earl, among others performed at the new Talented Tongues reading series. The event was hosted by the whimsical pair, Lisa Slater and Mary Alice Elcock.

Ritallin a.k.a. Greg Frankson, the night's only male reader, gets randy on stage.

Sylvie Hill, a columnist in the Ottawa Xpress, is a great read in any genre.


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