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Sunday, April 09, 2006

To Jim on your 54th

I visited Richard Fitzpatrick's new used bookstore yesterday and spotted Jean Chretien's seminal 1985 Key Porter Book for sale (Straight from the Heart). Well, actually, I don't know any "Jim" who's turning 54 this year. My brother-in-law is only turning 51 so this really doesn't count and I don't think I can hold on to the book for a few years. For $45 you can pick up a signed book by Chretien with the inscription 'to Jim on your 54th birthday'. The good news -- if a signed Chretien is not good news already (tongue in cheek)-- is that you can get the book for half this price till April 17th. Rick's new location is on 1098 Somerset St. West, corner of Spadina. The hours are 12-8pm daily. This book is located somewhere near the cash register in case you're looking to buy it.

However, I picked up a whack of other photo-related books at Rick's: a couple of Bill Owens books - Suburia (signed), and Documentary Photography; a book of interviews with master photographers; Karsh's NFB book; and some stock photo related ones, too. Also picked up The Art of Rapid Reading. You always see speed-typing books at used bookstores but never 'speed reading' ones, so I thought this would be interesting to read slowly so I can read quicker. We'll see how that works out.


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