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Monday, August 21, 2006

Ottawa Writers Festival Sneek Peak

MONDAY, October 2
8:30 PM: Writing Life #1
Randy Boyagoda, Leo Brent Robillard and Anita Rau Badami

TUESDAY, October 3
8:30 PM : Criminal Minds
Louise Penny, David Hewson and Rick Mofina

WEDNESDAY, October 4
8:30 pm Writing Life #2
Steven Heighton, Trevor Cole and Kenneth J. Harvey

THURSDAY, October 5
8:30 pm Writing Life #3
Bill Gaston, Richard Teleky and Michael Redhill

FRIDAY, October 6
8:30 pm Writing Life #4
Maureen Lennon, Mark Foss and Dennis Bock

SATURDAY, October 7
6:00 pm Writing Life #5
Paul William Roberts, Jean McNeil and Simon Ings


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