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Friday, November 24, 2006

Best Blog

The 'people' have 'spoken' in the 'Best' Blog in Ottawa category. As 'they' say, it's an 'honour' just to be nominated. Here are the results of the Ottawa Xpress 'poll': (Why do I always put words in single quotes?)

'Winner': (music)

'Honourable' Mentions:
rob mclennan's blog (lit)
The Blog of Amanda Earl (lit/personal)
Matilda (personal)
Asteroidea Press(personal)
David Scrimshaw's Blog (personal)
Humanyms (personal)
John W. MacDonald's Weblog (personal/photo)
Through the Broken Viewfinder (photo)
OnVertigo (photo)
Space to Live (photo)

And thank you to the person(s) who nominated my blog for this category and whomever voted. Cheers!


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