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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Recent Photo Sales

I have to admit it's neat being a small part of the Ottawa literary crowd. At least I like to think I am part of it. The cool part is seeing my photographs on several books in one place at the recently held Ottawa International Writers Festival. My photos were on rob mclennan's Aubade (Broken Jaw Press), Oni The Haitian Sensation's Ghettostocracy (a Globe & Mail Book of the Year) published by McGilligan Books, Monty Reid's Disappointment Island (2007 Ottawa Book Award winner) published by Chaudiere Books, and on Stephen Brockwell's recently published book the real made up, by ECW Press.

Additionally, I have pitched a photo to accompany an upcoming article in The New Yorker Magazine. As far as I know, the article has not been written yet but they do pay a research fee for the photo contact sheet that I sent to them (that's so professional of them, isn't it?). Even more recently, I have made some photo sales since the fall edition of the Ottawa International Writers Festival:

a Thomas Homer-Dixon promo photo; a Jacob Berkowitz promo photo; a Derek Olive promo photo from his Musicycle Tour this past September; Quill & Quire magazine will be re-running one of my Liz Hay photos in their 2007 round-up issue this December; Monty Reid, again, for an author photo for his upcoming book published by Brick Books; and rob mclennan's upcoming book will feature some of my photos in Ottawa: The Unknown City by Arsenal Pulp Press.

If anyone else out there needs some photos do not hesitate to contact me. I am up for some more creative work and hope I can help out.


Blogger Stephen Rowntree said...

Fantastic John!...and about time, I'd say...your photos are not only original, but evocative.


Sunday, October 28, 2007 5:55:00 PM  

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