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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Lawson dilemma

New definition of 'dilemma':
How could Julie want to go out and watch a Tuesday night movie--a Bridget Jones flick no less--when Nigella Lawson, the Nigella, is on tonight's episode of Christine Cushing Live? I mean, my good God man, it's like every man's (food) fantasy.

B.J.: The Edge of Reason the film disappoints. Repeat of every gag from last movie. The woman lawyer turns out to be a lesbian thus B.J. had no reason to be jealous all along of Mark 'wanker' Darcy... sorry about the spoiler; should've warned you earlier. Happy sappy ending despite tumult she gets into in Bangkok. Was also disappointed Jim Broadbent had surprisingly few lines. Pity. He was a comedic spark in original film. I was glad to catch the CCL episode with Nigella in any event. Happy dreams kiddies.


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