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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

six degrees of blogeration

Here are Alex Munter's top 10 Ottawa blogs from the Ottawa Citizen last week. Milking the six degrees of separation thing, my weblog (note that it is one word) is proudly listed on the website as I mentioned in a previous entry. Pretty neat. Well, to me anyway. Congratulations to the winners below. Now if we could only get paid for this... then Mr. Munter could write an article on the top 10 Millionaire bloggers. [Sigh...]
Part photo exhibit, part daily diary, Lana Stewart's blog tells Ottawa's stories in words and pictures. A growing group of daily visitors contributes to lively debate.
Hit the link to the blog section and you'll find Ottawa writers discussing fiction, poetry and spoken word, including several blogs about neat local events.
This blog features cheeky, sometimes racy commentary about local politics and media, as well as more than a little of its creator's oversized personality.
You've got to love the Ottawa-ness of this blog's name, which recounts the trials and tribulations of two struggling musicians.
Andrew Carver's blog is a go-to source for stories and photos from the underground music scene. "You can always spot tall, lanky Andrew leaning over a monitor or wrapped around the bottom of a microphone stand, straining to get just the right snapshot," reports one fan.
If you don't like the National Capital Commission, this site will give you all the facts and figures you need. If you are an NCC fan, it'll change your mind.
The title says it all -- "I simply record what looks like or is, based on our experiences, a great outing for a family with young children," says Colin Dolter, father of two young kids.
All sports, all the time. Blogger Mike MacLean loves Ottawa's baseball, hockey and football teams, and loves to blog about them.
"Miss Vicky's Offhand Remarks" reads like an ode to blogger Vicky Smallman's Hintonburg neighbourhood, but it's also a must-read guide to community happenings. One of the best-designed local blogs around.
From rants about politicians, to a sobering eulogy about his father, Stuart Hickox elicits this praise from one faithful reader: "He brings you into his world, takes you for a ride and leaves you wanting more."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd be happy if I could make $10 from my site! Sigh.

Friday, May 06, 2005 11:02:00 AM  

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