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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Worth reading
From website's main page: "Holt Uncensored is a semi-monthly email column and website about books and the book industry written by Pat Holt, former Book Review Editor and Critic for The San Francisco Chronicle..
The column offers book reviews, author interviews and critical commentary about literature, merger mania in publishing, the bookstore wars, the Internet and First Amendment issues.
The website provides searchable archives, separately listed book reviews, interviews and links.

The Purpose of Holt Uncensored
This column is a place for critical commentary about the publishing and bookselling industry. Its aim is to provide an exchange of ideas that will contribute to the shape and future of literature in the United States.
It's also a place to have a little fun with the industry through irreverent looks at corporate dominance on and off the Internet, interviews with authors, book reviews, bookstore anecdotes, news scoops hot tips, obits, links and a serialized spoof called Remainders of the Day (Part II coming soon).
With letters from readers throughout the world, the column has also become a forum for controversy and opinion that can be so valuable in this time of upheaval in the book industry. "


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