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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Deasil and Widdershins

Deasil & Widdershins are Carmel Purkis, John Lavery (center) and Max Middle.

The following definition excerpted from wikipedia:

Before clocks were commonplace, the terms 'sunwise' and deiseil
(from the Scottish Gaelic from the same root as the Latin dexter, "right". The
word is also used for "ready") were used for clockwise. (Of course, deasil
(righthandwards) is only sunwise in the Northern Hemisphere.) 'Widdershins' or
'withershins' (from Middle Low German weddersinnes, "opposite course") was used
for counterclockwise.
Just how these rotational terms apply to performance of readings from Samuel Beckett's just have to see for yourself at the upcoming Ottawa International Writers Festival next week.
Poet, publisher and Ottawa blogger rob mclennan will be the writer in residence among his other duties. He appears to be doing his homework (as usual) as illustrated in his latest post on Nicole Brossard's current work. An excellent primer. Additionally, Nigel Beale will be posting his engaging author interviews on his website throughout the week. All the bases are covered I think. See you there.


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