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Thursday, August 10, 2006

CanLit This Week on eBay

Teacher? Hugh MacLennan-o-phile? Like large collections of books of the same title? Then this ebay sale may be for you for only US $22.99 or if your real lucky, $0.99: "Class set (23) Return of the Sphinx by MacLennan, Hugh" Place them all on one shelf for full effect or space out copies in several rooms, or give them out as Christmas presents to your office mates. You're sure to be a hit.

Twenty-three copies of previously owned MacLennan not enough for you? Then you may find "Hugh MacLennan A Writer's Life Book Biography Cameron"- a treasured addition to your bookshelf. US $18.00 seems a tad high for this title, however.

I've always found the idea of signed letters of my favourite authors quite appealing. However, to be honest, I am not quite enamored with collecting Marshall McLuhan and probably would not go out of my way to shell out money on him - but maybe you would. Try this listing: MARSHALL McLUHAN - TYPED LETTER SIGNED 01/30/1974. Yes, it's a little steep at US $299.00 but for you it may be a pittance to have this puppy displayed on your wall to display to your friends and colleagues. Show off...

For something else you may (or may not) want to put on your wall, take a look at this listing. A Margaret Atwood photo with a bad case of dandruff, err, I mean snow on her head: Margaret Atwood signed 4x6 photo W/COA. At US $6.99, this is a steal. Hurry! Hurry! This scurfy auction item ends soon!


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