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Friday, August 11, 2006

Pack your patience?

HARRIS: And if -- let's get you some of the tips that you have for your readers and for everyone watching this morning. First of all you say.
DOYLE: Pack your patience.
HARRIS: Pack your patience.
DOYLE: When in doubt, leave it out.
HARRIS: Leave it out. Right, right, right.
DOYLE: Also follow the rules. Just because you know that your favorite perfume or face cream poses no danger, doesn't mean that you should try to sneak it on because you're only going to create problems for yourself and for everyone behind you in line
HARRIS: So the protocols are changing and there are some steps in the right direction as you see it?
DOYLE: Yes, definitely.
HARRIS: Kevin, thanks. Kevin Doyle, news editor for "Conde Nast Traveler." Thanks for being with us.
DOYLE: Thank you.

(CNN Transcript from 11 August 2006)

Just "follow the rules", the say. Yikes! Makes you want to become a hermit and live off the land away from civilization, eh? It is 'frightening', to me anyway, to think that one day it may take just as long to hitchhike across the country as it will to fly across it. But this will never ever happen, right? That's just crazy talk. Oh, yes, I forgot: "Hitchhiking is not permitted on major highways" in Canada.

We'll just wait to see what all the liquor and perfume conglomerates have to say about these new policies and how they affect their duty-free shopping outlets.


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